Hey Motivators!

I’m Coach Liam, I specialize in body recomposition, sustainable nutritional guidance, bodybuilding, and lifestyle transformations. I’m passionate about helping those around me be the best version of themselves, while building a healthy relationship with being fit and active. I have 10 years of experience and education in the fitness Industry. I started out joining the Marine Corps when I was 17, and became infatuated with being faster and stronger whilst pushing my body to its limits. During my time in the Marine Corps, I held the titles as a platoon leader, Non-Commissioned officer, Expert Rifleman, Non-Lethal Combat Instructor, and a Brown Belt Marine Corps Mixed Martial Arts Program Instructor (MCMAP). 

I’ve transformed and impacted over 200+ clients in my coaching journey, I’ve helped beginners in every age bracket to professionals on every level. I prioritize safety and progression for a sustainable approach that yields quality results. I worked both in the corporate and private scene as a personal trainer, held titles as head coach, and facility director for group and private 1 on 1 businesses. Since going independent I’ve been strictly giving our 100% undivided attention to my clients to really bring forth accountability and communication throughout every step of your journey. 

Some of my credentials include:

USF Alumni BS Health Sciences minor in Nutrition

National Academy of Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer

National Academy of Sports Medicine, Certified Nutritionist

National Academy of Sports Medicine, Certified Mobility & Flexibility Coach

Adult & Adolescent CPR/AED Certified